Thornbird Pictures

During my 4th semester at Messiah College, I had the privilage to get to work with Jonathan Stutzman on his award winning short film “Thornbird”. My job during production was to get behind the scenes photos. Some of those photos were featured in Messiah’s Swinging Bridge Magazine. Here are the pictures in black and white.


Senior Film Project Script

Following the Signs is my Senior Film for Messiah College. It is currently in the editing process. Here is the script before the final product is revealed.


Screenwriting I – Final Script

As a film major one of the required classes is Screenwriting I. I enjoyed the class to such an extent that I elected to take Screenwriting II as well. This script was written Fall 2014 and is a project I hope to continue some day.



I took a class in the fall of 2015 called “Problem Solving with Computers”. During this course, I made a website about how women are portrayed in the media.


Link to website:

The Power of Will

“The Power of Will” was a short film I wrote and directed in Spring 2015 for my Film and HD II course.


Link to video: